…about me

I am an Artist working on 3 main projects:

At Home
Dancing Light

I am an accomplished creative industries Creative Producer with experienced in the public and private sector. Currently working withVolcano Theatre and having worked with the BBC, Ogilvy, Sadlers Wells Theatre, COI, NHS, Arts Council Wales & England and The British Council.

I have health issues; a brain condition which means I suffer with chronic migraines and a auditory processing disorder, on the physical side I have Ehlers-Danos Syndrome which my impacts mobility at times…
My health has help shaped my art work…

I have set-up and managed my own Art gallery Saith Gallery and currently Vice Chair a community art group Gwendraeth Arts Lab.
I am a versatile, enthusiastic, professional with extensive creative skill-set committed to developing a successful career in the Arts. 

Want to find out what else I have done then check out my LinkedIn profile or just email me – I would love to hear from you…