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2022 – Aildanio Commission DAC Art Prize
In September 2022 I received one of the six Emerging Artist Commissions for the ‘Aildanio’ DAC 2022 Art Prize (DAC – Disability Arts Cymru). 
My ‘Silent Voices’ pieces: Pandemic: Numbers and Pandemic Anger art works will go on tour with the other 26 artists throughout Wales in 2022 and 2023, starting in November 2022 at g39 and finishing in September 2023 at the Glynn Vivian. There is more detail on how I developed the Aildanio Commision here.

2022 – Present – Masks
Working with textiles, creating 3D masks along side drawing and painting to create landscapes of dialogues ‘Silent Voices’ of our society with a focus on the Devolved & Celtic Connections both political and personal..

2021 – UNBOUND
I had the privilege of working along side Sian Barlow & Suzie Ross on a site specific exhibition at the Lady Street Gallery in Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire in partnership with Gwendraeth Arts Lab.

This individual body of work; photography, 3D creations and film was produced in the gardens of the gallery and then recreated into a collaborative site specific exhibition.

2021 – Present- Imprinting Landscapes
These images present the start of how human movement has imprinted on our landscape…
The next phase is to work with a Choreographer to develop a video piece working with Digital Interactions & Real Interactions…

With an aim to produce public art that is fleeting and lasting…
Looking how we as Disabled bodies are allowing to imprint on our landscapes…

2021 Present – SELF Isolation Masks – Paper | Steel | Landscape
This series of 3D and Photographic work has developed from the Migraine & Self Mask- Isolation drawings to create 3D masks using paper and incorporating the image of SELF on to the Landscape, framed and unframed – SELF (presenting human form) imprinted on the Landscape captured by photography…

2020‘Masks of Isolation’ – Health | Self – Isolation | Mask
I suffer of chronic migraines and treated by the NHS for this condition.
My SELF: Migraine Portraits are drawn during/after a migraine, to abstract the pain:
“I am able to separate it from from myself for small fragments of time, which just give me relief from the intense pressure of pain, sickness, vertigo, tinnitus, body stiffness, and pure helplessness being confined to bed to days on end”…
This process has have developed into ideas about masks creation:
‘Masks of Isolation‘ masking pain and isolation…

Below are series of drawings and painting produced during and after my migraines -representing PAIN/ANGER/ISOLATION

Migraine Portraits during Migraines- EXPRESSION: Abstract of Pain

Migraine Portraits created after a Migraine – illustrating PAIN


2017- Present – GRASSES – Political and Environmental Landscapes
Self directed enquiry in my local landscapes – with the focus of the marks we make… Through political decisions that impact on the fundamentals of how are land is shaped: Grass – Grasses – Verges – Fields – Parks etc…
How we engage – personally interact with these Grass covered landscapes, using photography, film, drawing, painting and collecting…

This project was ignited by my upbringing; my father Robert Moreton was a Green-keeper – and the main conversation at our dinner table was Grass – structure, type, length…:)