My DAC Art Prize 2022 – ‘Aildanio’ Emerging Artist – Commission

At the beginning of September 2022 I recieved one of the six Emerging Artist Commissions for the ‘Aildanio’ DAC 2022 Art Prize (DAC – Disability Arts Cymru).

My pieces Silent Voices commission: Pandemic Numbers & Pandemic Rage.

The opening night of Aildanio at g39, Silent Voices; Pandemic Numbers & Rage pieces

I was very fortunate to be given the Cardiff based artist Angela Davies as my Mentor for the commission – which was a incredible experience.

My proposal was to research traditional Welsh Celtic designs, warrior face painting, body markings, jewellery designs, traditional fabric dying and Celtic symbolism.
Creating 3D fabric masks using stitching and layering fabric techniques including designs and printing on the fabrics. A mask that represents Skin the fabric of our body – the fabric of our society – through the development of techniques and ideas – Masks made in fabric, using recycled fabrics, threads using various stitching techniques.
I was really keen to look at innovative ways to present these works. 

How this fitted in with the theme: An ‘Aildanio’ moment, to develop the Silent Voice Masks – and progress the Collective SELF body of work…

Aildanio’ moment: During lockdown I drew my migraines, they became almost impossible to manage (restricted medical treatment). This process of drawing helped managed my condition.
Developed into creating masks, first pain portraits, then masks of Isolation, Anger, Rage, Pain – responding to the Pandemic, BLM & climate change protests, our current political situation, the invasion of Ukraine.
My silent rage was not being able to physically protest many people were enraged, angry and suffering in pain – unable to express their feelings.

We can’t see all these feelings; it does not mean they don’t exist.
I felt, and still feel that I am expressing all the silent rage that many people feel. 
The masks are not SELF but a Collective SELF; expressive portraits of a silent society that does not have a voice…

By creating the work in fabric, the mask will represent a skin – a collective skin – Skin that feels Pain, Suffering, Anger and Pain… 
The Skin will depict events that happened during the first two years of the pandemic – this will be the first in a series of masks, through this process I will hope to develop further ideas on how to represent Collective Anger and Rage for the Silent Voices in our society…

Context: Previous Work:

Climate Rage/Social Unrest Masks:

Recent 3D projects – Imprinting on our landscape:

Original drawings from Migraines to SELF Isolation Masks:

Below is the progress I have made so far for the DAC Art Prize Submission working with my Mentor Artist Angela Davies:


Notes and presentation Ideas:

Creative Development:

‘Silent Voices’ – A Pandemic Story of Pain & Rage…

See my final commission, it will be first on show at the awesome Aildanio exhibition it is at wonderful g39, Oxford Street, Cardiff CF24 3DT from:
18th November – 21st December 2022.

How lucky am I!! The Aildanio exhibition will tour across 5 other galleries in Wales during 2023.

There will be a programme of workshops run by some of the exhibiting artists at each venue, we’ll keep you informed of dates for these as they’re confirmed. 

Below are the dates that Aildanio will be at each gallery : 

Cynon Valley Museum – 7th January – 11th February 2023

Galeri, Caernarfon 4th March – 5th April 2023

Ty Pawb, Wrexham – 21st April – 27th May 2023

Oriel Davies, Newtown – 9th June – 9th July 2023

Glynn Vivian, Swansea – 22nd July – 3rd September 2023