My ‘Aildanio’ Emerging Artist Commission for the 2022 DAC Art Prize

At the beginning of September 2022 I recieved one of the six Emerging Artist Commissions for the ‘Aildanio’ DAC 2022 Art Prize (DAC – Disability Arts Cymru).  My ‘Silent Voices’ pieces: Pandemic: Numbers and Pandemic Anger will go on tour throughout Wales in 2022 and 2023, starting at g39 and finishing at the Glynn Vivian.

Opening of the Aildanio Show at g39, Cardiff on 18th November 2022

I was very fortunate to be given the Cardiff based artist Angela Davies as my Mentor for the commission – which was a incredible experience.

My proposal was to research traditional Welsh Celtic designs, warrior face painting, body markings, jewellery designs, traditional fabric dying and Celtic symbolism. 
Creating 3D fabric masks using stitching and layering fabric techniques including designs and printing on the fabrics. A mask that represents Skin the fabric of our body – the fabric of our society – through the development of techniques and ideas – Masks made in fabric, using recycled fabrics, threads using various stitching techniques. I was really keen to look at innovative ways to present these works. 

How lucky am I, The Aildanio exhibition will tour across 5 other galleries in Wales during 2023.

There will be a programme of workshops run by some of the exhibiting artists at each venue, we’ll keep you informed of dates for these as they’re confirmed. 

Below are the dates that Aildanio will be at each gallery : 

Cynon Valley Museum – 7th January – 11th February 2023

Galeri, Caernarfon 4th March – 5th April 2023

Ty Pawb, Wrexham – 21st April – 27th May 2023

Oriel Davies, Newtown – 9th June – 9th July 2023

Glynn Vivian, Swansea – 22nd July – 3rd September 2023

Photo’s by Ray Hobbs .


UNBOUND is a site specific group exhibition at the Lady Street Gallery in Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire in partnership with Gwendraeth Arts Lab.

…UNBOUND is a very special show that I am part of and I have had the privilege of working along side Sian Barlow & Suzie Ross on a site specific exhibition at the Lady Street Gallery in Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire in partnership with Gwendraeth Arts Lab.

This is truly a beautiful art show, creating for a site specific show is very special in so many ways, working with other artists, working in an inspiring environment and stretching ones thinking of how we interact with the landscape of life…

My approach to UNBOUND was to look at how we as the human race – represented by ‘a mask’ and ‘a box’ imprint and bind into the landscape.
Placing ‘a mask’ & ‘a box’ in the under growth of the fabulous and magical gardens of the Lady Street Gallery leaving it, seeing how nature interacts with them and Unbound them…

Taking film and images over several weekends of the progress of nature…

If you are in the area it would be love to see you. It is open from:
Sat/Sun 4th/5th December 2021 11am – 4pm
Sat/Sun 11th/12th December 2021 11am – 4pm

I am giving a online tour and workshop on the Saturday 4th Dec at 11am.

Plus we are also doing a Zoom ‘In Conversation with Sian, Roz and Suzie’ Saturday, 4th December 2021 from 4 – 5pm
If you are interested you can book here


I have been suffering from Chronic Migraines since 2009…

I have a rare brain condition and the up shot of that is I suffer with migraines… mine are chronic more than 15 a month…

To help me cope with the pain over the years I have been drawing and photographing my migraine experience during the experience of the migraine…

These have now developing into MASKS and now that we are in Self Isolation due to Covid-19 I have developed these into my “Self – Isolation – Masks”

Developed through stages –

…grasses project – paths…

I have been working on photographing and drawing and painting grasses for nearly 5 years; I call it my Grasses Project, and over that time I have developed numerous ideas from drawing, painting, photographing and filming grass and how we humans interact with it, one of these is looking at paths…

Roz Moreton - Grasses Project - Paths - Kidwelly 2019
Roz Moreton - Grasses Project - Paths - Burry Port 2018
Roz Moreton - Grasses Project - Paths - Burry Port 2019

Focusing on Paths that are created by humans and how we respond to animals tracks through grass-lands and fields:

paths that we create when we are forced to make to avoid obstacles

paths that we create when we want to take a short cut

paths created instantly when running through long grass

paths created through the contours of the land

I have been documenting these by taking a series of photographs and films…

This is now being developed into a project idea (I am currently looking for funding) which will be working with landowners in partnership project to formulate interactive responses to the land and the routes that we are creating and mapping on our landscape…

…what makes a home?

…i am in the process of producing a wonderful project with Volcano Theatre Company who are based on Swansea’s High Street. It is a partnership project with Coastal Housing Group.
The What Makes A Home project which started in April 2019, aims to explore the notion of ‘What Makes a Home?’

There are 5 Coastal Housing Tenants who are collaborating with 6 Artists to visualise their vision of what makes a home for them…

I have been working with the brilliant Eifion Porter who has produced an incredible set for the project… And now the Artists are busy at working realising the visions of What Makes a Home with their partners on the project…

Artists: Jason & Becky, Dili Pitt, Fran Williams, Zep Uragopyan,

…this evening…

Just spent a wonderful evening with my fellow Gwendraeth Arts Lab’ers Sian and Lindsey, at our first self directed Sketchbook Walk.

We chose Pembrey Harbour as it is a truly magically place on the Carmarthenshire coastline..

Here are some images from the evening…


In May 2019 I stated a new role as Producer at Storyopolis based at Volcano Theatre.

We have our first workshop on the 18th June 2019 working with the incredible Rufus Mufasa.

…plastic is not fantastic…

as some of you already know… I’m aways banging on about how there there is so little respect for our planet… as we are now being engulfed by a tidal wave of plastic waste, delivered by our now ravaged oceans…

Who is responsible…

…the globals…the corporates…the governments…

…the people who think that global warming and climate change are a myth – have you seen the weather lately!

…the people too lazy to recycle as it take too much effort…really!

…the people who can’t put their rubbish out for collect on the right day!

…the people who fly tip… if someone didn’t see me do it, then it didn’t happen!

…the people who do the ‘McDonalds Dump’ out of their cars!

…the people who go somewhere with drinks and food but can’t take their rubbish home!


…why aren’t crisp packets recyclable?

…why does our town council and county council think it’s ok, to leave building materials, signage, barriers, council waste etc…until…whenever?

…why do we need to frack, drill and consume more oil and gas… when there is abundance of renewable energy?

…why are we shackled by control, greed and power by our so called politicians – when we don’t want it…?

So what I can do?

I can use my creative talents to inspire, encourage and galvanise my local community, people globally to get connected with their environment, to be custodians of all that is beautiful on our planet…

…ice age…

On the 28th Dec 2017, Ray and I and the boys visited the Brecon Beacons National Park, and took a walk amongst the Waterfall Country – we walked further than we thought and getting back was a challenge due to our health issues, but we got home safe and sound,

On route amongst the Snow we found some beautiful images to photograph, I was really taken with the ice puddles, that had re-frozen, creating a crazy mix of shapes in delicate tones and incredible lines, formed by humans and nature combined. This is just a snapshot…

…grass project

For the last couple of years I have been drawing and photographing grasses; fields, sand dunes, gardens and single blades of grass.

It has made me think deeply about how we respond to grass; as a source of fuel, documenting our travels and journeys, defining status and power and challenging our perception of what we believe.

Out of this exploring of how I feel and think about grass, its energy, the power it delivers, political position and what it gives us when we see fields of grass for the first time, it is now time to develop various participation projects; looking at how others respond to grass, looking at a sense of place, mobility, energy and solitude.