…what makes a home?…

…i am in the process of producing a wonderful project with Volcano Theatre Company who are based on Swansea’s High Street. It is a partnership project with Coastal Housing Group.
The What Makes A Home project which started in April 2019, aims to explore the notion of ‘What Makes a Home?’

There are 5 Coastal Housing Tenants who are collaborating with 6 Artists to visualise their vision of what makes a home for them…

I have been working with the brilliant Eifion Porter who has produced an incredible set for the project… And now the Artists are busy at working realising the visions of What Makes a Home with their partners on the project…

Artists: Jason & Becky, Dili Pitt, Fran Williams, Zep Uragopyan,

…this evening…

Just spent a wonderful evening with my fellow Gwendraeth Arts Lab’ers Sian and Lindsey, at our first self directed Sketchbook Walk.

We chose Pembrey Harbour as it is a truly magically place on the Carmarthenshire coastline..

Here are some images from the evening…

…plastic is not fantastic…


as some of you already know… I’m aways banging on about how there there is so little respect for our planet… as we are now being engulfed by a tidal wave of plastic waste, delivered by our now ravaged oceans…

Who is responsible…

…the globals…the corporates…the governments…

…the people who think that global warming and climate change are a myth – have you seen the weather lately!

…the people too lazy to recycle as it take too much effort…really!

…the people who can’t put their rubbish out for collect on the right day!

…the people who fly tip… if someone didn’t see me do it, then it didn’t happen!

…the people who do the ‘McDonalds Dump’ out of their cars!

…the people who go somewhere with drinks and food but can’t take their rubbish home!


…why aren’t crisp packets recyclable?

…why does our town council and county council think it’s ok, to leave building materials, signage, barriers, council waste etc…until…whenever?

…why do we need to frack, drill and consume more oil and gas… when there is abundance of renewable energy?

…why are we shackled by control, greed and power by our so called politicians – when we don’t want it…?

So what I can do?

I can use my creative talents to inspire, encourage and galvanise my local community, people globally to get connected with their environment, to be custodians of all that is beautiful on our planet…

…ice age…


On the 28th Dec 2017, Ray and I and the boys visited the Brecon Beacons National Park, and took a walk amongst the Waterfall Country – we walked further than we thought and getting back was a challenge due to our health issues, but we got home safe and sound,

On route amongst the Snow we found some beautiful images to photograph, I was really taken with the ice puddles, that had re-frozen, creating a crazy mix of shapes in delicate tones and incredible lines, formed by humans and nature combined. This is just a snapshot…

…grass project

For the last couple of years I have been drawing and photographing grasses; fields, sand dunes, gardens and single blades of grass.

It has made me think deeply about how we respond to grass; as a source of fuel, documenting our travels and journeys, defining status and power and challenging our perception of what we believe.

Out of this exploring of how I feel and think about grass, its energy, the power it delivers, political position and what it gives us when we see fields of grass for the first time, it is now time to develop various participation projects; looking at how others respond to grass, looking at a sense of place, mobility, energy and solitude.




Migraine sketch 1

I have been working on some pen sketches while I have been having a migraine, they have been quite a revelation to me, discovering my face and the sensations I feel while I have a migraine. Also how I react to the intense pain.

I am going to present these to my neurology consultant when I see him next, it’s better than keeping a written diary and explains what is happening where and when to my head.

It has also got me thinking about when you are in hospital and the doctors ask you “…on a scale to 1-10, and 10 being the most painful, how severe is the pain?”
I am always saying 11, on the measurement of pain homage to ‘This is Spinal Tap’.
Then they say “…describe the pain?” ‘…hot poker in the eye’ (how do I know what that feels like? – I can only imagine, so must they.
So I use colours, and the feel of objects; colours; like white being intense pain, red very painful, as too orange, then blue and green getting a solid pain. Re: objects for the type of pain; I like cold steel, water, white noise is random radio frequencies, and an untuned TV (old school!), sharp wire and glass to describe the levels and types of pain for my migraines. I hope then they (doctors) can get a sense of how I am feeling.

I have the ability to show how the pain is effecting me and the level of pain I am having through my art – it will be interesting to see the response I get from my doctors when I present my sketches to him when I see him in a couple of months.

There is some really inspiring work by the photographer Lorie Novak  a fellow migraine suffer, that you should definitely check out, which I just came across today, one of her projects is the Migraine Register.