DAC Art Prize – Emerging Artist – Submission

I have started working in 3D creating papier-mache masks – I would like to develop this further, with more extensive research into development and creation of masks, learning traditional techniques from the African/Asian continents with an eventual view to do a work placement.

For this idea, I would like to research traditional Celtic designs, warrior face painting, body markings, jewellery designs, traditional fabric dying and Celtic symbolism.

I would like to create 3D fabric masks using stitching and layering fabric techniques including designs and printing on the fabrics. To develop a mask that represents Skin the fabric of our body – the fabric of our society – through the development of techniques and ideas – I want to produce three Masks made in fabric, using recycled fabrics, threads and to print and dye them and use various stitching techniques. I will also look at innovative ways to present these works. 

How this fits in with the theme 

This would be another ‘Aildanio’ moment, to develop the Silent Voice Mask – and progress the Collective SELF body of work – which is detailed below.

By creating the work in fabric, the mask will represent a skin – a collective skin – Skin that feels Pain, Suffering, Anger and Pain… 

The Skin will depict events that happened during the first two years of the pandemic – this will be the first in a series of masks, through this process I will hope to develop further ideas on how to represent Collective Anger and Rage for the Silent Voices in our society…

‘Aildanio’ moment: During lockdown I drew my migraines, they became almost impossible to manage (restricted medical treatment). This process of drawing helped managed my condition.

Developed into creating masks, first pain portraits, then masks of Isolation, Anger, Rage, Pain – responding to the Pandemic, BLM & climate change protests, our current political situation, the invasion of Ukraine.

My silent rage was not being able to physically protest many people were enraged, angry and suffering in pain – unable to express their feelings.

We can’t see all these feelings; it does not mean they don’t exist.

I felt, and still feel that I am expressing all the silent rage that many people feel. 

The masks are not SELF but a Collective SELF; expressive portraits of a silent society that does not have a voice…

Through my expressive portrait masks, I moved away from illustrating a feeling, to expressing feelings – my SELF, my own rage, pain, disbelief, anger at what is happening in the world…

Medium you will use

Recycled fabrics, threads, and objects – plus printing dying and photographic techniques on the fabrics and threads.

Context: Previous Work:

Climate Rage/Social Unrest Masks

Recent 3D projects – Imprinting on our landscape

Original drawings from Migraines to SELF Isolation Masks

Below is the progress I have made so far for the DAC Art Prize Submission:

Notes and presentation Ideas:


Creative Development so far:

Meeting with Angela Davies – Mentor – 26th September 2022

‘Silent Voices’ – A Pandemic Story of Pain & Rage

  1. Numbers – the start… 2. Climate Rage – Protesting… 3. Devolved – identity… CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE