What Makes a Home

February 2019 – August 2019

As Creative Producer I worked with Paul Davies Creative Director of Volcano Theatre Company in Swansea, South Wales to develop ‘What Makes a Home a A Station to Sea Legacy Project, which was supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. A community partnership project with Coastal Housing.

The project was an attempt to discover, in a playful and participatory way, what residents would do if they had time to explore what makes a home for them.

The participants of the project were Coastal Housing residents.

Using the visual arts, we hoped to create debate, discussion and delight by providing a unique experience for the participants and audience asking questions and creating experiences about how it makes us feel when we start to consciously start to think about how we occupy and live in our home-space.

Working over a period of four weeks the five participants; Saba, Lee, Gary and Emily paired up with Swansea-based artists Jason & Becky, Fran Williams, Dilli Pitt and Zepur Agopyan who were given an open brief explore and interpret their vision of what home meant to them..
Ideas that emerged and that where explored and developed:
Light & Space
Building Connections & Community
Light, Colour & Fairies
Memories and Exploration and a Tree House
Family conversations…
How it feels to be in this chair…
Or just a having the biggest bed you can imagine…

When the installations were completed they were shared with friends and family to be enjoyed, experienced and discussed during the long bank holiday weekend; inviting their friends and family for tea, drinks and even dinner…

The next phase of the project was to engage Swansea-based installation artist Philip Cheater who adapted the five spaces into one big home-space to provide a statement of connected spaces to create a journey through the various concepts of ‘home’.

  • What Makes A Home - Volcano Theatre - Art Project

Zepur Agopyan, Philip Cheater, Gary Crosby, Emily Davies, Chris Harris, Ray Hobbs, Saba Humayun, Jason & Becky, Lee Ludick, Dili Pitt, Eifion Porter, Fran Williams.

Thanks to Costal Housing Team for all their support especially Geraldine Osborne of BP2 Property and Huw Williams, Jeremy Hill, CJ Ashen.

Open to the public…


Depth of Perception
Gary Crosby – Solo Show at Volcano Theatre – October – November 2019

What Makes a Home – Phase 2 – Funding Application in progress…

Home Ambassadors – in discussion…

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